Sydney Living Museums

Accessibility; Inclusivity plan for Sydney Living Museums

Client: Sydney Living Museums

Agency: Pollen


Hyde Park Barracks, one of Sydney Living Museums main venues, are reinventing it self and building a new world class interactive exhibition. As a government owned museum so inclusivity and accessibility for everyone is obviously important. Anywhere they interacts with their audience. Our job were to create a plan to make their digital presence as inclusive and accessible as their new exhibition.

My responsibilities

  • Workshops
  • User interviews
  • Deskresearch
  • WCAG 2.1 Accessibility strategy
  • Page modelling & Wireframes
  • Report writing

Workshops and research playbacks

Due to the research heavy nature of the project we ran many workshops and playbacks with the client.

Accessibility personas

SLM Personas.pdf

After interviewing people with disabilities about how they use the web I created personas. When working with accessibility the personas becomes even more important because of the extra layer of difficulty the users have when interacting with the site.

Page modelling

1. Barracks Objectives 2019-12-02 at 2.13.41 pm.pdf

Page-model playbacks is a good way to make sure that we captured everything from the discovery phase.


Even though the goal of the project was to create a Inclusivity Plan, wireframes are a really good tool to communicate ideas and make all of the strategic work come alive. To become tangible which is important inorder to discuss an evolve the ideas.

Inclusivity report

SLM190717 SLM - Inclusivity Plan