NSW Clubs

Designing an online grant platform for NSW Clubs

Client: ClubsNSW

Agency: Yell Creative

The brief

Gambling in the NSWs clubs and RSLs are a multi billion dollar business. In order to be allowed to facilitate gambling, the clubs need to give a percentage of their profits back to the local community in the form of grants. Any organisation that have an idea for a project can apply for a grant. That grant process have been managed by different clubs in different ways and our job was to design an online grant platform to unified process and make it easier for organisations to apply and for clubs to administer.

My responsibilities

  • Running workshops
  • Process flows & service design
  • Wireframes
  • User testing
  • UI design

Service design workshop

When designing a online tool service design is important inorder to align the user journeys and the technical limitations to create a MVP.

Personas and persona journeys

1262_CLU_ClubGrants_Phase 1_ Research_Personas_FINAL.pdf
User Journey FINAL A3.pdf

For a service design project like this personas and personas journeys becomes extra important because we're designing a tool that needs to cater to the different users very specific special needs.

Process flows

Sitemap current/ new

Process flow current/ new

When you designing an online tool rather than an information website it's importan to make sure that all the different user tasks are optimised. Process flows are a good flexible way to design and test the different flows.

Wireframes & UI design

For this project I designed both the wireframes and the UI.

Club view - Index.pdf
Applicant view - Index.pdf