Designing the future of insurance

Client: Allianz Australia

Agency: Elixirr


Insurance is a fiercely competitive market with pressure coming from both customers and legislators and on top of that a very complected product. The problem is that consumers have learned that it pays off to shop around. Insurers gives big discounts to new customers. Allianz Australia wanted to find a way around that by running a series of design sprints to reinvent E2E (end to end) journey to make customers more loyal. design the future of insurance

Design Sprint

  • Discovery Workshop
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Guerrilla user testing
  • Feedback and iterate

Rapid discovery and overnight prototyping

First day ideation with the whole group. Decides on a few core ideas and design principles and started with the first prototype.

Day two; Guerrilla user testing

Armed with iPad with the draft prototype the team hit the streets of Sydney.

Collaborative playback and iteration

After a few hours of user testing all groups reconvened at the office to do give feedback for the next iteration. This design loop continued through out the project.

The three E2E iteration versions

Proptotype Progression.pdf

First draft

1. Lo-Fi Sketch.pdf

Intermediate prototyp

2. Second Iteration.pdf

Final iteration

3. Hi-Fi Sketch.pdf